Chain Strike


A spectacular strategy RPG


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Chain Strike is an RPG with strategic combat in which you control a group of Guardians, with the sole objective of returning peace to a world infested with monsters and other terrible creatures.

Combat in Chain Strike is turn based, so once you've moved your character it's the enemy's turn. During your turn you can use up to three action crystals, with movement costing one crystal and attacks normally costing two. Once you've used up all of your crystals, control passes to your enemy.

One of the more important aspects of Chain Strike's combat is right in the title: chain attacks. If you attack an enemy that's within range of several characters, all of them will attack, causing much more damage than a normal attack. But be warned, your enemies can take advantage of this as well, so you have to take care with where you move your Guardians.

In Chain Strike you can recruit more than two hundred different characters. Each character has their own special attacks, attack patterns, and movement. Plus, as you win battles, you can level up each of the Guardians.

Chain Strike is an excellent RPG with spectacular graphics and a fun and exciting combat system. It also has really high production values, which is something that can't be said about most other games in the genre.

Requires Android 4.4 or higher

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